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Forms for Download

shutterstock_160204727Filing claims with FFC is very simple and the paperwork minimal. Click on the New Claim Worksheet to begin the process

NEW CLAIM WORKSHEET – This form is used to request a claim be considered for funding and provides the necessary information for FFC to begin the verification process.

IRREVOCABLE ASSIGNMENT/REASSIGNMENT AND POWER OF ATTORNEY – The top portion of this document allows the beneficiary to assign over proceeds of the policy to your firm. Please have the beneficiary(s) complete, sign and notarize their signatures. The bottom portion is to be filled out by a representative of the firm reassigning benefits to FFC. This signature also needs to be notarized.

DIRECT FUNERAL HOME ASSIGNMENT – In the event the funeral home is the named beneficiary of the insurance proceeds, the funeral home may simply complete this form in place of the Irrevocable Assignment/Reassignment form. THIS FORM IS NOT REQUIRED IF YOUR FIRM IS NOT THE NAMED BENEFICIARY OF THE POLICY.

LOST POLICY AFFIDAVIT – Should the insurance policy be lost or destroyed some insurance companies may require the beneficiary sign a separate Lost Policy Affidavit.

SMALL ESTATE AFFIDAVIT – If the primary beneficiary and contingent beneficiary of the policy are deceased, a small estate affidavit may need to be completed by the next of kin. Each state’s “small estate limit” varies so click here to see the limit in your state for a Small Estate Affidavit to be considered.


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